Dr. Michael Hutchins

Dr. Michael Hutchins is currently the Wildlife Society’s Executive Director and CEO. He also is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Maryland's Graduate Program in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology and an affiliate professor at George Mason University’s Department of Environmental Science and Policy.

Dr. Hutchins served as the Director of Conservation and Science at the American Association of Zoological Park and Aquariums in Bethesda, Maryland. In this position he administered and coordinated the conservation and scientific programs of 160 accredited zoological parks and aquariums in Canada and the United States. Dr. Hutchins was responsible for the reorganization and expansion of the Species Survival Plan, which seeks to maintain endangered animals in captivity as a hedge against extinction, thus helping modern zoos and aquariums reach their full potential as conservation, scientific and educational institutions. Dr. Hutchins is a well-known author and speaker in his field and serves on numerous committees and advisory groups.

Dr. Hutchins attended Highline College from 1970-72. He continued his education at the University of Washington where he earned a BS in psychology and anthropology, a Ph.C. in animal behavior and a Ph.D. in animal behavior. He credits Highline with helping “…build confidence in my own abilities-a necessary prerequisite for pursuing any demanding profession.”