Participate in the T-Bird Alumni 10 in 10 Challenge by donating as little as $10 to help fund scholarships for current students during their final quarter of college. Collectively, T-Bird alumni can make a big difference for these students if each of us contributes a small amount.

Students who are close to finishing often need just a little extra financial help, help you can provide as a way to give them the encouragement they need.

Do you remember what it was like scraping together the money for tuition each quarter? Even if you had help through financial aid, you still had plenty of expenses, like books, fees and more.

Highline was here for you at one point in your life, as it has been for thousands of others for 55 years. Help show current students that you are here for them.

There are 2 ways to Donate to the Alumni Scholarship Fund:

  1. Text HIGHLINE to 80077 to make a one-time automatic $10 donation right from your cell phone. Donation will be billed directly to your cell carrier.
  2. Visit the Highline Foundaton Donation page. Then select Alumni from the Fund drop-down menu.